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A high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells

Core values: Integrity and cooperation, development and win-win!

Business philosophy: customer first, leading innovation!

Corporate vision: Become a smart energy expert in the photovoltaic industry!

Entrepreneurial spirit: professional focus, ingenuity!

Corporate talent concept: integrity, sunshine, passion, wisdom!

Production Workshop


Product center

There is hope in light, technology is cohesive, we only do battery chips!

Process flow

  • 1. Softening process

    A microstructure (fleece) is formed on the surface of the silicon wafer, and the surface recombination of the silicon wafer is reduced.

  • 2. Diffusion process

    Form the PN junction - the heart of the solar cell.

  • 3. Etching process

    The PN junction on the back and around the silicon wafer is removed, and the component is resistant to PID by surface oxidation.

  • 4. PECVD process

    An anti-reflection film is formed on the front surface of the silicon wafer to reduce reflection of light, increase absorption of light, and passivate the surface of the silicon wafer.

  • 5. the screen process

    The purpose of screen printing is to form the electrodes of the battery,Sintering causes the metal electrode to form an ohmic contact with silicon.

  • 6. the inspection process

    Sorting cells with similar efficiency and color Packed together.

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